04/03/13 Anuva Wines

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires: Bar du Marché

In Argentina there is a tendency for a retail or restaurant business to close at a certain location only for the exact same type of business with a different owner (and different name or slightly different menu) to open again at that location. Lobby wine bar, which had been written up in the Washington Post and many other massive publications shut down its Palermo Hollywood location about 18 months ago. I was surprised as I always thought that if you got big press that meant you were super successful! A couple of months ago, right in its place, a brand new wine themed restaurant opened up at the same location. They boast one of the only wine by the glass lists in Buenos Aires that we know of as well as, French themed decor and a nice little food menu with sushi, cheese platters, pasta, stir fry and eggrolls. It is a small spot with seating for about 20 or 25, but its quaint and when the weather is nice it is a great spot to sit outside. I was all set to try a taste of the Angelica Zapata Malbec, from the massive Catena Zapata winery when they told me they did not have it. D’oh! I then wanted the Marchiori Barraud Malbec… d’oh! I finally settled for the Paul Hobbs Bramare Malbec which is a delightful wine. The other interesting thing about Bar du Marche is that you can try wines from other regions of the world! Imagine that in Argentina (no seriously, it is very hard to import anything to Argentina)! They have a Chilean wine, an Australian wine and even an California wine! (sorry for the exclamation points). Now those wines are going to appeal more to locals, as if you are visiting Buenos Aires I would imagine that you would want to stick to tasting Argentine wine. One thing I have not tried at Bar du Marche is brunch but I hear it is very good. Brunch seems to be a bit of a trend in Buenos Aires lately with all sorts of signs out there advertising for it. They have a whole selection of yogurts, egg dishes, tarts, a salmon sandwich on brioche along with the typical Argentine fare like medialunas. I would imagine that the mimosas are very good as well!